Re-calibration of the air pressure gauges

Through an annual re-calibration (sensor life plus) of flow-measuring devices in the works, the measurement accuracy over the entire service life is certified. Contamination from the compressed air can be removed, the meter re-calibrated by comparative measurements and the achieved measurement accuracy documented in a calibration certificate with an inspection sticker.

A certification by the German Calibration Service (DKD) allows the highest level of security of the accuracy for the user. The DKD offers a neutral confirmation of performance.

10-Point Service


  1. Visual inspection and functional check of the meter

  2. Cleaning of the measurement devices in the works

  3. Input calibration (conclusion of earlier measurements)

  4. Correction of any defect in consultation with the customer

  5. Second calibration if the meter is not the input calibration

  6. Calibration of the instrument by a DKD qualified testing laboratory

  7. Provision of a replacement unit as needed

  8. Issue of a calibration certificate

  9. Attachment of the calibration label on the device

  10. Delivery to the customer


The calibration applies to all instruments with a reproducible installation and expansion. The measurement levels of 1 to 5 are therefore fully covered.