The model of the energy savings guarantee "enerGARANT®" is a modern, responsive and customer-oriented model for rapid and comprehensive utilisation of all significant energy savings in the compressed air system of an industrial undertaking.

In practice enerGARANT® firstly provides a detailed analysis of the entire compressed air network and the identification of the optimisation priorities. At the same time a concept of the nature and extent of the necessary measurement technology is developed; measures to eliminate leakage, other maintenance and repair work, an improved control technology, necessary compressor change, etc.

The supplier and customer set the responsibility for the implementation of the measures to be implemented and at which schedule. Depending on the intensity of the accompanying contract which includes monitoring and services of the supplier, enerGARANT® can be combined with a savings forecast leading up to a fully collateralised savings guarantee. The investment risk in terms of achieving the savings target is thus controlled for the customer and can be completely transferred to the contractor, if necessary.