Retracing valve PN40

The newly developed Retracting valve® for the compression PN40 completes the available compression PN16, PN 100 and PN 250. Besides the reproducible measurement, it enables the simple and inherent operation. An operator error during the measurement is not possible.

The retracting valve for the ® PN40 is available in three materials, stainless steel, aluminium, and PVDF. Through the modular design process three different ports, 1 / 2 ", PG 13.5, and 1" taper are available. To protect the sensor against contamination a sensor transducer is available, which has only a single-measurement window (especially humidity measurement, see the following two CAD images).

Retracting valve PN40 with PBCOmpac® in

Retracting valve PN40 with PBCOmpac® in
SERVICE position

The assembly is carried out either via the patented PBCOmpac® flange (see above) or a standard 1“ welding sleeve (see below).

As an accessory an optional draining medium is available by needle valve. TŰV material products can document the medium resistance and physical properties completely. Compressive strength of individual products can be complemented (including pressure test), at request.

Typical applications of the retracting valve PN40, are both the food, and pharmaceutical and chemical industries. For the flow, pressure and humidity measurements of the PET manufacturing flanges PN40, even a multi-controller was developed. The for 40 bar approved measuring sensor is mounted efficiently and cost-effectively at only one point. The expansion of up to a total of four monitoring stations with retracting fitting is possible at any time with our monitoring station (see examples of beverages industry).