Measuring-, retracting valves and PB+COver backlash protect

Sensor manufacturers understand the problems of in-line measurements. The process interface between mechanical engineering and instrumentation is often only partially solved.

Postberg + Co. brings your sensors into the medium:

  • In and out again within a minute

  • up to 200°C

  • up to 250 bar

  • In actual operation under process conditions

  • Without flow interruption

  • Inherently, i.e. without operator error during the measurement

  • Technology with patent and “private label”

  • Measure where you need it most

The PBCOmpac® flange "New Generation"

DIN-flanges seal with the face of the flat gasket. That's why they are a lot heavier and taller than the given pipe itself.
The PBCOmpac® flange as a further development of the Swiss Compac flange is therefore an innovation on the field of conncetion techniques and all-purpose in the measuring technique area.
The USPs of the PBCOmpac® are:

  • less weight and material

  • space-savings

  • higher tightness

  • TÜV-accreditation and CE-signed

  • pressure range from PN 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 16, 25 up to 40

  • no overwinding of screws

  • no service costs

  • Available 3DCAD Step models for an easy planning and construction of measuring techniques.

All in all "Know-how" with patent protection