Food Industry

Example: Packaging machinery as the main consumer

Kraft Foods Deutschland GmbH, Berlin

Kraft Foods’ Berlin Plant is probably the largest coffee roaster in the world. Compressed air is widely used in the silos, for the raw coffee on the roasters and grinders, to the packaging equipment. The statistics for the year 2001, show a supply quantity from the compressor station of 32 million m3. Figures like these have not been written for years. Since then, the air currents of the three investment areas, which represent about 65% of total consumption, have been monitored continuously, resulting in an average consumption reduction of 30%. Minimising the leakage losses and replacing two existing compressors with two new variable speed compressors, allowed the lowering of the operating pressure by 1 to 6.2 bar.

The pilot installation, based on flow measurements on the calorimetric principle, demonstrates that air pressure costs can be dramatically lowered.

Flow measurements on the calorimetric principle: The concept represented by the specialists, Post and Otto Berg, has been validated at Kraft Foods in many ways. The key points: Flow measurements on all key points of the supply network (measuring level 2 to 4) are the key to the efficient use of compressed air. The desired accuracy is reached in the specified ranges with sensors that operate on the calorimetric principle, and is defined to be incorporated into the pipes. The flow rates can be read on site, transmitted to a central computer via date transmission or to a factory-independent controlling company via remote data transmission. At Kraft Foods all these variants are realised. The gradual implementation of the entire air pressure project was carefully planned.

Last but not least, not to take any unpleasant setbacks on the upward learning curve. To date, only the three large consumer groups (packaging, palletising and mills), are the subject of measurement installation, and measurement and evaluation of the completed deal, with identified leaks.

With no leaks of compressed, the air consumption of their freed packaging plant dropped by over 40% from 110 to about 60 m3 / h. Meanwhile, all twelve packaging lines were monitored, for which eliminated leakage losses are estimated to be an average of 30%.

Example: Energy savings guarantee "EnerGarant ®"

Private Dairy Naarmann, Neuenkirchen/Münsterland

When the Münsterland private dairy Naarmann in 2007 mandated a working study, a recording of its over a decade "organically" grown air pressure system and its operation, it was accompanied by the intention of management to achieve, on the one hand an improved reliability process in the field of used compressed air, and on the other to significantly reduce consumption in this particularly expensive production medium, in order to reduce the high cost of electricity.

To this end, the company Postberg + Co. Air Control GmbH, Kassel has been incorporated, with the help of a comprehensive measurement technology-based analysis of the current state of compressed air systems, to determine, on the basis of the latter, an optimisation approach to be developed and implemented by the company Naarmann, in individual steps and in-house. For the continuous monitoring of the self-improvement measures carried out, the measurement service of Postberg will be used.

In addition to the offer on the air measurement, Postberg, together with its partner company INS InfraNetServ GmbH, Lippstadt, offered Naarmann to also develop, based on an energy savings guarantee, a plan for comprehensive revision of the compressed air, which not only included the renewal of several areas of compressed air systems, but also the improvement of redundancy as well as further contribution to the full and continuous monitoring of air quality. Furthermore, in other later individual steps, it should be tested what other possible improvements would be possible in energy companies, and could be implemented on the basis of guaranteed savings.