Analysis and optimisation of compressed air distribution network

Cost savings and basic supply security optimised dimensioning of the compressed air network structure.

Our engineers basically capture the IST situation of your compressed air system and identify a set of requirements. Significant factors are not only the quantity but the quality of the required compressed air. As a result, you will receive a qualified network plan of measurements, with characteristics realised.

Our goal is your cost savings and basic quality assurance through an optimised dimensioning of the plant and pipeline structure.

10-Point Check

The pipeline design and optimisation

  1. Hand-written record of the existing compressed air system

  2. Updating of existing CAD piping plans

  3. Inclusion of relevant pneumatic devices

  4. Theoretical investigation of the compressed air requirements at intersections and consumers

  5. Creation of a consumer register

  6. Re-dimensioning of pipelines including material selection to minimise air loss

  7. Determining the annual cost savings by reducing the pressure

  8. Creating alternative approaches to network pressure reduction and cost savings

  9. Written documentation of the development

  10. PowerPoint presentation of the results to the management, including CD-ROM, 2-fold paper printout


The netzCHECK includes the rigid and permanently installed piping from the compressor to the consumers (levels 2-4 ).