Optimisation of air loss through leakage detection and clearance

With this module you will quickly and easily realise the largest volume of savings.

With different devices and methods we determine the whereabouts of often hidden leaks and provide your maintenance department, or the responsible company with a detailed list of problems and deficiencies to be solved. Of course part of this offer entails a final performance review.

10-Point Check

Leakage measurement, analysis, tracking and marking with performance review

  1. Scheduling of the test section to determine the leakage

  2. Installation of the mobile measurement and recording of data logger

  3. Analysis of the amount of leakage

  4. Implementation of the leakage and consumption localisation

  5. Marking and documentation of the leakages found

  6. Documentation of the amount of leakage and locations in the form of a final report

  7. Monitoring of the effectiveness of leakage detection

  8. Training of maintenance personnel for leakage detection

  9. Mobile consumption and flow measurements on-site at the consumer

  10. Selection of leak-and fuel-efficient products


The grundlastCHECK includes levels 2 to 5. The main focus, however, is the entire production facility (level 4 and 5), since 90% of leaks are found there.