Efficient provision of air compressor

Unlocking the potential saving in compressed air generation. With this module, we open up for you the strategic potential savings in your compressor station and at the decentralised compressors.

After measuring the relevant variables and determining the efficiency you get a report that provides information about the condition of the compressors.

10-Point Check

On-site determination of performance of Compressors/Compressor Stations.

  1. Performance measurement and determination of efficiency of compressors

  2. Test report according to DIN 1945-1

  3. Implementation of performance requirements by an expert

  4. Creation of alternative implementation options

  5. Computer simulation of energy costs

  6. Cost-benefits assessment of implementation options

  7. Development of control concepts for the entire system

  8. CAD drawing of the compressor station plan

  9. A call for tenders for the new investment

  10. Presentation of the results to management


The determination of the efficiency of the compressors is carried out with the etaCHECK on-site in the compressor station or at the manufacturer (levels 1 and 2).