Estimate the savings potential

The aim is the rough estimation of the theoretically available potential saving in compressed air generation, distribution and use. For the preparation of a qualified offer of the IST-analysis and measurement technology detailed questions are asked of the periphery (See download-> questionnaire).

10-Point Check

  1. Implementation of the DENA Savings calculation and air pressure-FIT presentation.

  2. Clarification of any advice funded by grants (e.g. Energy efficiency fund)

  3. Clarification of the production and application range of compressed air (Use)

  4. Policy formulation: What can be achieved with an analysis and measurement - measure, yes, but why?

  5. Is the cost of energy known?

    - Current

    - Compressed air

  6. Who is responsible for energy management and compressed air?

  7. Implement plans through the compressed air piping and establish who is the person responsible for planning (compressed air networks)

  8. Query the address and data system (see questionnaire)

  9. Calculation of the theoretical savings potential based on industry data and action plan of the DENA

  10. Development of a qualifying offer for the development of cost savings


The basisCHECK leads to the clarification of the individual overall savings potential and the favourable measurements in the different measuring levels of plant operation for sustainable development.