Determination of the IST-cost of compressed air and the optimisation potential

Cost-effective and qualified one-off identification of the savings volume through temporary measurement on site. This module allows you to quickly and easily determine the biggest savings potential! We analyse your energy consumption, measured pressure drop and leakage with a data logger over a predetermined period and thus determine the efficiency of your air system.

10-Point Check

Immediate action to investigate the status quo

  1. Commissioning of the compressed air system - production, distribution and consumption

  2. Measurement of air consumption (electrical / using volumetric data logger)

  3. Retrieval of data via the GSM radio link

  4. Measurement of the net pressure drop and the leakage rate

  5. Determination of the load / no-load fractions for the current generation of compressed air

  6. Determination of the annual cost of compressed air

  7. Creation of indicators for benchmarking

  8. Calculation of the potential saving in compressed air generation and distribution

  9. Development of a vulnerability and action plan

  10. PowerPoint presentation of the results to management on-site, including CD-ROM, 2-fold paper printout