Postberg + Co. maintains intensive contact with the press. Personal contact with the press has been maintained over the years, and maintained so that public relations work has become part of the corporate’s culture. The company offers their customers several contact options:

  • RSS feed of the press folder. Herewith editors can automatically read the current posts or link to the online media portal.

  • Per Registration (Press). Herewith, unpublished press releases can be downloaded (via the download-directory).

  • By Newsletter (Distribution). Current news is sent via newsletter or by e-mail or to the internal mailing list. These newsletters contain only information about new releases.

  • Direct contact with us. On the contact page you will find all our contact information. For registered journalists, individual contacts are also available.

  • Search on the online press portal - All recent press reports (two weeks after publication) with one photo are available on the online portal, if you enter the search term “Postberg”.

Feedback from every man and every woman is important to us for our further development. Our public relations create transparency and enables our customers to obtain a comprehensive picture about our company. Through this feedback we can continue to further develop as a company. Just send us your honest opinion. On the contact page you will find our contact details.