Mission and Vision

Customers and Value are the main focus

To reduce and make manageable compressed air costs. By controlling air pressure you can get a grip on increased efficiency and assurance of the air pressure system over the medium term.

But good instrumentation and complete solutions for controlling air pressure are not everything. Perfectly tailor-made advice and service are included. Therefore, with Postberg, you are in good hands. Excellent products as well as a service contract that guarantees value, availability and cost effectiveness solutions day after day.

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Have you ever thought about how much savings potential you have? Which precise technology contributes to maximum accuracy and the optimum range? Questions that we can answer.

measurement is knowledge.

  • We think and speak in measuring levels and measurement classes.

  • With the location of measurement, the measurement level is determined; with the required accuracy the measurement class.

  • We classify our instruments in three classes, according to the VDI-Report 1681, 24.04.2002, which allows you as a user to do a competitive comparison.

  • With the exception of the basic product line, all our instruments are calibrated and the accuracy verified with a factory certificate.

Transparency builds trust

Lasting and successful business relationships are based on mutual trust. You trust us with your measurement problems in the operation of compressed air. We advise you competently and responsibly. Through our on-site consulting service, you benefit more than by well-meaning advice. You have confidence in our products and services. We offer application-specific system solutions and comprehensive service. On our FAQs, we have compiled a list of all customer questions and queries.

Objectives follow visions

Through specialisation in the most expensive energy compressed air, and consequently in our own design, our aim is to systematically develop and secure our competitive advantage in our business fields and target markets. Through the continuous development of new solutions to create new efficiencies and measurement markets, the vision is to preserve environmental resources for future generations. This will ensure permanent jobs for future generations!

Four guiding principles to help us achieve the objectives of:

  • Create structures – measurement is knowledge - The application know-how for the site and the process interfaces are at the heart of any new development in our products and services. These decide on the usefulness, quality and user-friendliness to the customer.

  • Develop solutions - ideas are born through the exchange of ideas- Through the combination of technical and business solutions, barriers to our customers are removed. The energy savings guarantee EnerGarant is the result of this interdisciplinary work.

  • Secure benefits - What is permanently measurable can be controlled in the long term Read phonetically - Through many years of experience and advice to many companies in Compressed Air Control, we are able to ensure our customers the most value. This creates the necessary investment security through guaranteed and verifiable cost savings.

  • Be responsible for what we do, but also for what we fail to do.