• Dipl.-Oec. Thomas Janik will become owner and financial manager of Postberg+Co.
  • In-house construction with 3D software, and opening for the OEM market
  • Presentation of multi-controllers AIRSAVE ® at the Hanover Fair
  • Membership of the AMA Association for Sensor Technology
  • Award of the retractable housing PN40 with the title "Initiative towards Energy Efficiency”


  • Own development of a new exchange valve and air pressure meter for the nominal pressure PN40 for the beverage bottling industry.
  • Restructuring into three business areas and organisational restructuring following the resignation of Hans-Jürgen Postberg from operational management. After five years of successful start-up and growth of an average of 20 per cent, the baton was passed to Peter Otto
  • Trademark application for EnerGarant ®, the energy savings guarantee for compressed air. Presentation of multi-controllers with the new OS Sensor at the Sensor & Test in Nuremberg.
  • Presentation of the dew point at the Sensor & Test in Nuremberg.
  • Equipment of all “Lieken” (formerly Kamps) works with multi-controllers (volume, pressure and humidity).


  • Development of modular design and trademark application PBCOmpac Flange ®.
  • Participation at Hanover Fair on the INSTI booth.
  • First "installation under pressure" of air meters at companies such as Volkswagen and ZF Steuerungstechnik
  • Development of high-pressure retractable assembly PN250 for the gas industry.
  • Grant of the European patent for the retractable assembly (Patent No. 1,148,317).


  • Founding of Postberg + Co. Air Control GmbH by Hans-Jürgen Postberg and Peter Otto in Kassel.
  • Signature of the license agreement between Postberg + Co. and independent inventor Hans-Jürgen Postberg in Switzerland.


  • First prize and winning of the business plan competition promotion Northern Hesse in compressed air controlling by the Jung Otto Ingenieurgesellschaft GbR (initially established by Peter Otto).
  • Participant at Kraft Foods Berlin Fair in the air pressure efficiency competition and first client for air pressure controlling. Savings of DM150,000, and the introduction of air controlling at four levels.


  • Development of the first standard and complete solution for compressed air flow measurement.
  • Introduction of Compac-flanges in the air counter.
  • Registration of trademark protection for the air pressure control (measure, analyse, correct locations,) ®.


  • The firm Pirelli (Hochst im Odenwald) is retained as the first major customer for measuring valves in the automotive industry
  • Founding of Postberg Armaturen, Sensortechnik und Anlagen GmbH by Karin and Hans-Jürgen Postberg in Bruchköbel (near Frankfurt)
  • Specialisation of the founding of measuring fixtures (INTE-S). Simultaneous integrated sensors for up to five measurements and consultative status for nuclear power plants for Hans-Jürgen Postberg.