Business Areas

Four business areas for continued growth

The Postberg+Co GmbH is active in four business areas:

  • Measurement of energy consumption and quality assurance of compressed air
    • Development
    • Production
    • Assembly/Installation
    • Service
    • Calibration
  • Support in the sustainable improvement of energy saving measures
    • Planning
    • Rental
    • Settlement
    • Monitoring by means of energy management systems
    • Energy savings guarantee (EnerGarant)
  • Efficiency Consulting for competent analysis and increased effectiveness of compressed air
    • Production of coarse and detailed analyses of compressed air
    • Provision of applications for support of KfW energy efficiency consulting
    • Implementation of measures
  • OEM + Private Label patented Process Interfaces for in-line measurement of other sensor manufacturers / users
    • Design Production
    • TÜV-Tests
    • Documentation

In all fields of business worldwide patents document the degree of our commitment, and efforts in the world of innovation. Because innovation, the relentless pursuit of the technology of tomorrow, is the driving force behind economic success and continuity.